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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

February 10, 2010

hey everybody!
Sooooo, this passing week was awesome, all of our hard work the last couple of weeks is starting to show and bring blessings! we met a young family and made a baptism date for them on the 27th. we also have dates for a couple other people on the 20th, and a girl that we´ve been working with for like a month named Lana, we´re gonna try and set a baptism date with her for the 20th too.
soo, whats really exciting is that we´re gettin all the members here excited about missionary work too! we´ve started activities for the ward here every wednesday night. kinda like mutual but for the whole ward. our first one was last wednesday, our next one is tonight. we´re doin this cool thing where the ward is divided into two teams. and us elders are like the leaders or captains. our half of the ward has goals to have fam home evenings with the elders and with investigators to get points, they can also get points by inviting people to church and participating in activities and stuff. its gonna be like a 2 month thing, way tight!
soo a little story, this morning, i felt good, because yesterday we worked really hard and got alot done and taught like 7 lessons, (which is awesome) lol, so i decided to celebrate this pday morn with a bowl of life from the box that i saved for another occasion. when i opened the new box, to my discouragement, i found several little tiny devil ants invading my cereal, they seriously ate thru the box, and the plastic bag of the cereal and were eating my cereal, so i was super mad, and decided to retaliate by eating them! soo i did, i poured a bowl of cinna life cereal, with ants, and milk, and ate the whole thing!
oh, and last night we ordered pizzas, 3 to be exact, cuz hair owed me two cuz i one night did all of our contacts on the bus ride home from doing a baptismal interview for another area! it was soo tight, i seriously just talked to every single person on the bus by myself and told them about our church and message and chapel. oh, and the pizza was super good too! one was choclate!
soo this passing monday was our zone conferance in marilia. it was pretty sweet, it gave us the spiritual boost we needed to work like crazy with the spirit in our area. we´re finally focusing in on like the exact area of force in the santa luzia area. its soo cool, cuz its somewhat close to the church, and we have people there marked with baptismal dates. elder hair and i are still working spectacular together and i´m learning alot and my portuguese is bettering bastante! i´m soo excited! i´ve never wanted to work soo hard to help people out with thier lives soo much in my life! this work is maravilhoso! well guys, i love ya all! keep prayin for us, especially for that we´ll get some baptisms with the people we´re working with by the end of this transfer, or month (same thing) yikes! well, i will do my part, and pray for you guys too! keep rocking back there in the green state! paz e amor de elder yuma!

oh, and happy valentines for you guys too! and happy birthday to oregon on the same day! haha, i seriously forgot about v-day! no lie! peace!