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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

5 months! January 27, 2010

so i´m still in the same area, but its completly different now! haha, my new comp is pretty tight, from las vegas, he´s pretty funny, nothing really to complain about, cuz complaining is for whimps! haha, well guys, we have basically been working our butts off this week. onof left me high and dry with a couple investigators that blew us off, so we were like, lets check the area book, and maybe start a new area or something that most missionaries dont work in. so, milagre! we checked the area book, found a girl named Stefanie that was taught like a year ago and was almost baptized, but the baptism fell. then they stopped or somone must hav gotten transferred or something. so, we look at it, and the paper said that the member helping was sister ana paula, and i was like, "oh snap! we have lunch with her today, lets bring this paper to her and talk about it with her!" so, we go to lunch, and before we even talk to her about stef, she´s like, "hey guys, i´m having my friend stefani over for lunch with us today!" and we´re like, what??? oh loco! so stefani gets there, and we started talking and gettin to know her, find out she loves the church and how much they focus on families, and also that the reason she didnt go thru with the baptism was because last year around this time, she was loaded with school and work and some opposition with her family. but right now is like the perfect time for her cuz school hasnt started and she´s on a vacation from work for a couple weeks. so we´ll see how that goes! hopefully good, but we´re deff gonna need help from the member ana paula, cuz stef cant have lessons at her house cuz of her dad i think. but she´s way cool!
anyway, i´ve basically been the unofficial senior companion here this week, we´re goin basically by all my plans and decisions and by doing so, we work really really hard, and are teaching more lessons everyday, and not lolligaggin at members houses like another comp of mine once liked to do. lol, wont give names. but that missionary did get transfered to presidente prudente, some smaller area in the mish that i guess is hotter. speakin of hot, its been outstandingly hot here this week, a real eye fryer! we´ve been working in a couple areas that have hardly been kissed by other missionaries, one´s called santa luzia, and its pretty far from our house, so we basically just stay in that area for a long time when we go there, and one cool thing we´ve been doin is knockin more doors(gates), and teaching people that way. trying to work hard with the members here and getting some activities together to get them excited about missionary work and more active and stuff. oh, yesterday, we were really jammin and trying to get to another area way fast from santa luzia, so we asked a local if there was a short cut there, he told us, and we took the coolest shortcut adventure ever yet, on my mish! lol, filled with a few gnarly hills, a sketchy bridge over a creek, thru a tad bit of jungle, and even thru a random brush fire! but it got us to where we were goin! i´m really starting to enjoy the mish alot and just losing myself in the work! its becoming super fun and interesting to me, especially cuz i understand people way better now and can connect and laugh with them. i think my portuguese is pretty good for the time i have, which by the way is 5 MONTHS AS OF YESTERDAY! isn´t that crazy, time flies!
well guys, i´m doin great, hopin everyone else is as well! i love ya all soo much! keep it real there in the burg! peace from BRRRRRAAAAAAAAZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-Elder Yuma

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