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Monday, November 23, 2009

Week 13! November 23, 2009

Ola todas!
i´m hopefully going to baptize a 9yr old in a family where only his lil sis and older sis and mom are active by this weekend or next. his name is anderson. then we have a guy that we´ve been teaching named odir, and i think onofre is gonna baptize him this weekend. then we´re teachin two other kids that are both in their young teens with a catholic mother and innactive member father. thier way cool, hopefully i´ll be able to baptize them this weekend or next. i seem to be able to connect with the younger kids and people with what little personality i can show thru my language and actions. lol. anyway, hopefully this week goes better with my birthday and thanksgiving and all. i´ve been writin all my happenings thru out these days in my journal daily, so i´ll have a pretty funny/spectacular account of my mish when i get back home. well, love ya all and to all a happy thanksgiving. peace!!!!! :)
-Elder Yuma

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