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Monday, November 2, 2009

November 2, 2009 LEAVING THE MTC(week 9)

hola todas!
soo, this week has been absolutely loco! our last week at the mtc was pretty good. we all said bye to our teachers and friends. on thursday night, i stayed up packing and talking til like 2:45ish or so. ghormley didn´t even go to sleep! then we had to wake up at like 3:15 or so to get ready by 4 when we caught our vans for the airport. so i got tons of rest lol. the flight was good, a little over an hour long. Londrina is beautiful! everything is much more spread out here compared to são paulo. its more like a normal big city in america, except lots of brazilian stuff. lol. the air quality is much better, and you could really notice a difference from it and the air in são paulo.
we met our companions, mine is elder Galdino, and jensen´s is e. Azevedo. then we went to our apt. our apt is alright. kinda run down, but it has a living room, kitchen, and 3 bedrooms, and a bathroom. oh, and gecko´s. and bugs for the geckos to eat. lol. our companions are super nice and help us out soo much. during a day i probably speak about 80% português now. the language is tough, but i´m startin to understand more and more about it. we walk soo much! i street contact everyday and invite them to hear our message, i´ve helped teach like 3 lessons so far. pretty crazy!
oh, yesterday was our first sunday so we got to go to church. the churches here are a little different, no a/c, just windows. we had priesthood meeting first, then a gospel class, then we had testimony meeting. i went up and bore my testimony, it was super exciting! :) i did pretty well i believe cuz several people complimented me and thanked me. lol. elder jensen bore his too, i guess we were the first americans to ever bear our testimonies on our first week there!
soo, i´ve found out that i love eating at members houses! they cook some dang good meals and always seem to make soooo much food. i eat soo much food during lunch, because thats the main meal here and the members provide us with lunch everyday but p-days. so i just eat lots during lunch and moderate breakfasts and light dinners or snacks at night. we were teaching the 2nd lesson at an investigator´s house and after the lesson they offered us some food to eat. it was the BEST FOOD i´ve had in brazil yet, it seemed like gourmet, idk, maybe i was just super hungry. but it was like this delicious bread wrap thing with delish meats, cheeses, tomatoes and herbs all wrapped into like a cinnamon roll type thing. it was sooo good, then they had us eat this like choclate cheescake like large brownie type things for dessert. i love brazilian people, they´re soo nice, they like kept telling us to eat more food, and i was like, this stuff is really good, i dont want to eat it all. she ended up sending us home with like the rest of the sandwich roll thing because they said it´d probably go to waste anyway. soo bomb!
did i mention it is FREAKIN HOT here?!!! gosh, it´s probably been in the upper 80´s F. plus lots of humidity. it sucks! my clothes are soo sticky and gross by the end of the day. lol. but, i´m handling the weather just fine i think. i was told that the worst part of the year is january, so i just can´t wait for that. oh, today, (monday) is now the day of our p-days for the rest of my mission. so everyone right me on sunday nights and keep me updated on exciting things, and i´ll do the same back! ;)
alright, well, i get transfered tonight or tomorrow morning depending on where i go, if its tonight, i guess you go to iguacu falls area, which would be super tight. but, i´m just stoked to get my real trainer and my own area where i can dominate and work like crazy and then speak fluently. well, wish me luck! i love all ya guys!
-love elder Yuma :)

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