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Monday, November 30, 2009

Week 14! November 30, 2009

hey everyone!
thanks for all your concern and stuff about my sickness, it did suck, but its over now,and i´m doin fine.
soo thats pretty cool that clayton is home, sounds like he had a good but tough mish. tell him i said hi, or hallo. so, this week was alright, we went to the zoo last pday with another companionship and a member about our age named weverton. the zoo was alright, not as cool as the portland zoo or wildlife safari, but it was alright. took some pics, funny thing was, it was only 2 reais to get in. so about a 1.25 american dollars. lol. afterwards we ate some good food at some restaurant in bauru, these mini pizza/pita things, pretty good. then we went to walmart! lol, walmart is way different here, pretty much just like a huge normal brazilian store, but with more stuff. i did get some cereal there cuz it was cheaper than the store in our town, but i found out when i ate it, that it sucks just as much. the cereal here is seriously like eating twigs and dry leaves with milk. gosh.
well thanksgiving was a downer, missed eating lots of food with the company of family and all that good stuff. tday lunch was at this all ya can eat place in bauru cuz our family that day bailed on us and just gave us some cash. so onofre wanted to go to this place. idk why, cuz all the other mishies hav a joke about this place and i guess its known to be pretty mediocre but cheap. anyway, so you have to get some meat in order to have an all you can eat other food, so i got some stuff that looked like fried chicken. then got my plate of other normal brazilian food, and when i went to eat the meat, i found out it was some sort of fried fish. ughhh, and i ate it too cuz i payed for it. so i just loaded it with a bunch of sauce and yeah, that was my tday meal. no delish dinner :(
my birthday, didn´t get to have breakfast cuz we were fasting, but for lunch we had another lunch cancelation, but this time we just bought food at the store, so i didnt have to eat beans and rice! so i got one of my favorites at the store. bread cheese and butter, and tang, went home and made a bunch of grilled chee sandwiches and delish tang. and had some wafers for dessert. still havent rewarded myself with some icecream, but i will soon. that night, our neighbors, who are members, invited us over for birthday brownies and soda. so that was nice of them. then, that night, i woke up in the wee hours with a bad pain in my stomach and stuff, soo i went to the bathroom, had some diarhea, then, surprise! barffed all over the bathroom! i aimed the projectile vomit as best i could at the drain for the shower water, but, most the barf just went everywhere else, and the best part was, i got to clean it all up right after. i thought to myself, at this time at home i´d normally be eating ice-cream cake with family and friends, just wonderful. lol. oh, the reason i got sick, btw, is cuz during lunch that day, my companion made french toast, and he gave me a couple peices. and i ate them to be nice. he later got pains in his stomach and went to the bathroom several times, i guess my system just isnt as accustomed to badly prepped food. oh, the reason for us getting sick was cuz he made the french toast with eggs that have been sitting in the fridge for who knows how long, cuz they were there when i arrived here my first week in marechal rondon. i did go on a couple comp exchanges this week. once for around 24 hours with elder bower in his area, he´s american and is from virginia, went to byu, and we got quite a bit in common. music wise and everything, both play drums. anywho, learned and practiced alot of portuguese with him and celebrated my birthday early with him by getting a pizza that night delivered to his place for only 10 reais! it was good too, and about 14´´ in diameter. made really good mango smoothies in the morning too. that was tuesday to wednes day btw. then on saturday, while my comp had to do some baptismal interviews in the bauru inter-city area for some elders, i got to go with elder souza, a brazilian, teaching and stuff for about an hour or so. it was way fun and the way he taught was far more enjoyable and i learned quite a bit in that little bit of time.
well, had a good lunch with a family after church yesterday, they made a whole chicken, so i´m countin that has my tday dinner. she also made this good pudding like dessert with prunes on top called Manja, i really liked it, 2nd time i´ve had it on my mish, guess its popular around the holidays here. oh, it also rained a ton here the other day, had a gnarly lightning and thunderstorm. the lightning was soo close that when the thunder hit, it set off a car alarm once, we took shelter in a members home. well guys, my companion is making wierd sounds while doing nothing, which probably means he wants to leave, so, i´ll talk to ya guys later.
thanks for all your care and support, i appreciate it soo much! cant wait to open those packages! take care, i love you all! bye<3333333333

-Elder Yuma

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