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Monday, December 21, 2009

Week 17 December 21, 2009

hey everyone! this week flew bye like crazy, i got everyone´s packages and cards last tuesday tho! it was soo exciting! 3 packages filled with delicious and awesome things! thanks sooo much everyone! enjoyed reading all the cards from everyone too!
soo the rest of the week flew bye super fast, i had my first baptism on wednesday with Guilherme, it was soo awesome, everything went perfect with the baptism! then we had the wedding for that other family on saturday, then a lunch with them, then the baptism that night with them, such a crazy day! but i baptized both of them too! everything went perfect with that baptism too! we even had some awesome pineapple/docé de leite cake afterwards! super good. we had some christmas activity at the church on friday night that we got to go to, it was absolutely nuts, the brazilians know how to throw a church party! tons of food, lots of members dancing, and they were bumpin like american music, soo funny, i heard a couple songs i recognized like poker face by lady gaga and that new song by the black eyed peas, boom boom boom. lol, it was rad, i got to talk to a bunch of members and i felt comfortable with all my portugues and how much i understood them and stuff. it was rad! sooo this week was pretty tight, i´ve been enjoying lots of sweets and treats and oreos and stuff from my packages and also killin it at the same time out here on my mish. i look forward to talkin to my fam this christmas morning! and our zone conferance is the 23rd! so i get to see Elder Ghormley and all my friends from the mtc and stuff! and eat alot! i´m soo stoked! well guys, i´m doing well, hope you guys all are too! i want everyone to have a VERRRY MERRRRY CHRISTMAS!!! i love ya all sooo much! Feliz Natal, com amor, Elder Yuma

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