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Monday, December 28, 2009

after christmas email!

hey mom and everyone!
so this week was pretty crazy, lots of stuff went down! but the most exciting was christmas when i got to talk to my family for the first time on the phone since august 26th! the time for that phone call went by too quickly, but it was soo awesome to get to hear everyone´s voices and to hear about all thats been goin on. i love all ya guys soo much!
alright, soo, shae made me a blog for my christmas present and it is the bee´s knees! everyone´s gotta check it out! it´s totally legit, and once my fam gets some more pics from me in the mail, they´ll be able to show ya what bauru, Brazil is like and what my life is like and stuff. lol. cool beans!
so we had our Christmas conferance this week, the 23rd, where i got to see all my friends from the mtc and that used to be in my area and stuff! it was soo rad, ate lots of food, did a service project for a hospital, heard some good talks, and hung out with elder ghormley the entire time! haha, it was in londrina, so we got up at 3am that morning for the 4 hour bus ride there! got back after the conferance at 2am. i was very tired this whole week!
my Christmas was good, but very different, it was like 85-90 degrees and pretty humid. i ate lots of good bbq and other homemade treats and pie type stuff tho. probably gained some weight, but i´ll walk it off soon. well guys, hope everyone had a wonderful christmas, i´m soo thankful for all the gifts that everyone sent, and for all your love, prayers, and support. I love all ya guys soooooooo much! Feliz Ano Novo!
-Elder Yuma
oh, and dad, those pics that ya sent of disneyland were way cool! bonita!
someone should try sending me a videoclip soon, maybe of sheldon bustin´some sick beatz! lol, tchau!

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