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Monday, December 14, 2009

Mon. Dec 14, 2009 week 16

hello everyone! things are gettin better now, the language especially, i already have had some dreams in portuguese, haha, one dream i had in 3 languages, pretty wierd, it involved, a mall, torey, subway, and some other stuff. lol, anyway, i get all my packages and letters tomorrow so i´m super stoked about that. this month should be pretty rad for baptisms if everything goes well. we got like 3 families we´ve been teaching and all of them have more or less gone to church. i´m like 87.9 percent sure i´m gonna have my first baptism this wednesday with our 11yr old guilherme! we have givin him all the lessons and we just need the interview tomorrow or the before the baptism on wednesday, its been a lil tough working with his mom tho, she´s very worried. all the other families are doing well too. we got 2 families that need to be married first. one wedding is set the day of the baptism this saturday. so i really hope that goes well. lets see, a story, haha, kinda funny. i woke up i think it was tuesday or wednesday morning to start working out, and when i took the key to open the door, it got jammed, so i tried to force it and it snapped in the key hole, soo,... after lots of waiting, we finally got a locksmith called and he came to the scene. he fixed it, and i had to pay 30 reais for the job, that 30 was supposed to last me til this coming saturday, instead i had 8 leftover, so i´ve been livin on bread, cheese, milk, and cereal. and eatin tons of food at members houses. lol. the reason i didnt have a whole lot of extra money is cuz i used 70 of it to mail that package and i had to save some to email and some for busses and groceries. oh, and i had the most delicious burger in maybe my entire life last pday. it was the most expensive at the place we went to, (9.80), and was loaded with steak, chicken, bacon, potato curlz, tomato, and stuff. sooo delish, it would only cost like 5 or 6 bucks in american currency. anyway, the mish is getting better despite the transfer. i´m just trying to joke and laugh about all the stuff that i get annoyed at. its working. and of course all the love, care, and prayers and support from you guys helps a ton too! keep on with that stuff! well, i love ya guys all sooo much, take care, and have a good holiday season! peace!
-elder yuma

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